When my friend Jodi first approached me back in December 2013 about a nutritional system she was using I was skeptical. “You mean if I drink shakes and then fast a couple of days a week I’ll lose weight” is what I asked her. She said yes and I said “Well Duh! If I starve myself of course I’m going to lose weight. I’m not eating!” She patiently gave me more information about how the system works, why it works, what cleansing actually entailed, and why it was better than anything else I had ever used in terms of fat burning and weight loss. Still skeptical but wanting to support my friend I ordered a 9 day program and promptly told my husband that he should prepare for me to be cranky, irritable, and a couch potato that first weekend (“OH JOY” is what I’m sure he was thinking!)

Well truth be told, not only did I see immediate results in terms of weight loss (12 lbs in the first 9 days and another 5 lbs in the next 21 days), I also saw my body start to shrink (the measurement tape is my friend!). More than that though, my energy levels zoomed, my sleep was more restful, I felt more mentally alert, AND the constant migraines I experienced not only lessened in intensity and duration but also in frequency! Before using the nutritional cleansing program I was taking 6 Ibuprofen daily to prevent pain (up to 18 a day if a migraine came on anyway). Once I started using the system I quit cold turkey from taking the Ibuprofen and, with the exception of a monthly hormonal induced migraine, the pain STOPPED. Now I’m able to take 2 Ibuprofen if and only if the migraine gets bad and within an hour the pain disappears. That, my friends, is life changing PROGRESS!!!

Fast forward 90 days…I have lost 29 lbs total and 19.5 inches (5.5″ off my chest, 4.5″ off my waist, 5.5″ off my abdomen, and 4.5″ off my hips). I was wearing TIGHT size 14 clothing…now I’m comfortably wearing size 10. I am physically stronger than ever before and you can actually see muscle tone all over my body. I have completely changed my nutrition plan, cutting out wheat, dairy, and processed/refined sugar and focusing on eating lean proteins, vegetables, some complex carbs (sweet potatoes, quinoa), monounsaturated fats, and whole fruits. I also drink a minimum of 125 ounces of filtered water daily and sleep at least 7 hours each night. In these first 90 days I exclusively used Shaun T’s Focus T25 workout program (Alpha, Beta, and Gamma rounds) 6 days per week and used the Stretch dvd on Sundays. That’ s it. I am 45 years old and my body has never looked like this before. Before including the cleansing program I used the same T25 program for 90 days and lost NOTHING (no pounds and no inches). I am now a firm believer that the inclusion of the cleansing program in my regimen is what gave my body the final piece of the puzzle it needed to fire up my metabolism and eliminate the toxins and gunk that previously prohibited fat release.

If my story inspires you to want to make some changes in your life please like my post and my blog and get in touch with me for help. My passion is to help others create a healthy lifestyle, even if they’ve never exercised a day in their life or have no clue how to grocery shop. If I can do it, you can do it! Let me help you get started on the right path.

Cheers to your new healthy lifestyle!



Body Under ConstructionI started Isagenix to lose a few pounds, not sell it, but with the quick results I saw and felt I became hooked.

In my first month using the products, I have lost 15 lbs and 2” each from my chest, waist, abdomen, and hips. I am working hard to create better habits. This is a lifestyle change; not a diet. In addition to using the Isagenix 30 day Fat Burner and Cleanse system, I’ve eliminated dairy, cheese, wheat, and alcohol from my food choices, I drink a minimum of 120 ounces of water daily, and I am using Shaun T’s Focus T25 workout program 6 days a week. I also make sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

When other people started to come to me to find out what I was doing, I knew I had to spread the message. I became an Isagenix Associate so I could share my success with others and teach them how to achieve their goals.

If you want a better, healthier and/or wealthier life then let’s talk.

{February 4, 2014}   Why Isagenix?

For the last 20 some odd days I have been following the Isagenix 30 day Fat Burn and Cleanse program in conjunction with clean eating principles, drinking 100+ oz of water every day, sleeping at least 7 hours each night, AND using Shaun T’s phenomenal workout program, Focus T25. I have to say I am extremely pleased with my results. 14.5 lbs lost and 2″ gone from each of the following areas: chest, waist, abdomen, and hips. I have one more 2 day deep cleanse coming up this weekend and then this initial 30 day program will be done and I’ll be able to post final results.

One of the things I like most about the Isagenix system is that all of the products are backed by real scientific research and clinical trials. The ingredients are all natural and the protein is 100% undenatured whey from New Zealand cows. The shakes taste great and the one I’m using, IsaLean Pro, has 36g of protein which makes it great for supporting muscle growth.

For anyone looking to try a nutritional cleanse, the Cleanse For Life product makes this a breeze. It tastes great and curbs the appetite. Isagenix offers a couple of products that assist in making cleansing easy to do and the program can be done daily, 1x per week, or (for maximum results) on 2 back to back days. I highly recommend people try it and see what kind of results they get. I’m certainly a fan of the process!

Stay tuned for final results!

I’ve heard positive and negative thoughts regarding the benefits of nutritional cleansing and I was curious about the results I might see if I tried it. Part of the 30 day nutritional system I’m following includes the use of a 1 or 2 day cleanse so it was easy for me to get started. My first experience was a full 2 day cleanse. I decided to try it over a Saturday and Sunday so I could avoid all stressors and traps that workdays might bring. I told my husband that I was going to cleanse over the weekend and that he should prepare his own food without me.

Day 1 – 4 servings of Cleanse For Life, 2 snacks, copious amounts of water and herbal tea. I had a terrible headache all day BUT I was able to run errands because I had tremendous energy which totally shocked me. Made it through that first day with zero problems and I was AMAZED by how good I felt. Lots of time spent in the bathroom peeing my brains out but each time I told myself that was just the toxins leaving and that all those trips were going to be worth it.

Day 2 – no headache!!!! Jumped out of bed (I know right?!?!?) anxious to get this day started because I felt so light and great. Another 4 servings of Cleanse For Life, 2 snacks, copious amounts of water and herbal tea. I still wasn’t hungry which also shocked me AND I had even more energy to burn so I cleaned the house. The worst part about this 2nd day was how cold my hands and feet were but other than that I felt good. I turned on the fireplace, bundled up in a couple of blankets, and kept reminding myself that I was still releasing toxins so symptoms were to  be expected. Besides cleaning the house I took my dog for a walk which felt really good. Things were moving along quite nicely, if you know what I mean!

That first experience with cleansing went so much better than I ever expected. No hunger, no exhaustion, and no sense of weakness. I had more energy and I slept pretty soundly for someone who didn’t chew anything solid for 48 hours straight. I’m convinced it was the Cleanse for Life tonic I was drinking. It tasted great and I could drink it with either warm or cold water depending on my mood. The herbal tea also helped with the coldness I was feeling.

I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in experiencing a total body cleanse. I ended up releasing 11.4 lbs which was an added bonus.

Originally Posted on January 31, 2014 by Daneece Hernandez (copied and reprinted with permission)

When you hear the word Network Marketing what do you think of? What about multi-level marketing? Or direct selling? Does the word pyramid scheme come to mind? That’s a normal misconception today. Unfortunately scams and Ponzi schemes do exist and my intention today is to discuss Network Marketing, scams, and Ponzi schemes.

Websters Dictionary defines a scam as a dishonest way to make money by deceiving people. There are many scams in today’s society and we all need to be aware of these scams and how to protect ourselves. 3 tips on protecting yourself from scams would be:

  1. Never send money in return for promised prizes or lotteries that you won.
  2. Never join a Network Marketing company that asks for money to join but has no viable product or service in return for that money. These are companies that offer compensation for every person you sign up under you, but there is no exchange of service or product. MOST NETWORK MARKETING COMPANIES DO NOT FALL INTO THIS CATEGORY. These companies are rare, but do exist so beware.
  3. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Another unfortunate problem in society is the Ponzi scheme. Websters Dictionary defines this as an investment swindle in which some early investors are paid off with money put up by later ones in order to encourage more and bigger risks. These are usually investments into private companies with a promise of huge returns on your investment. Like the definition says the early investors are paid off with the money put up by later ones and eventually this all falls apart, usually when the swindler can’t find any more investors or when the law catches up to them. One of the most famous of these kinds of scams involved many famous people from Hollywood and other successful Americans. You may remember this incident from December of 2008 when Bernard Madoff was exposed as running a fraudulent investment firm. No one is automatically immune from scams. Education is the key to protection.

With all of that out there it is a normal reaction of self-protection to be skeptical of things we don’t understand. So I’m here to help you understand what Network Marketing really is.

1. Let’s get this out of the way first. No, it is not a pyramid scheme.I think the best way to illustrate this is with a picture. 

Pyramids exist everywhere from government to your local grocery store. The difference between a Network Marketing Company and these pyramids is that everyone has a chance to get to the top. And amazingly the way to get to the top is by helping others get to the top, not by knocking everyone off the ladder of success. 

As the misconceptions surrounding network marketing begin to fade away many people are turning to network marketing as a way to make extra income, or even replace their income. They are beginning to see it for what it is, a real way to make some real money. Is it a get rich quick scam? No way! Can you get rich quick? That depends on how you define quick. Are people creating their dream income in a short period of time in this industry? The answer is yes. Are they doing it with little or no effort by taking advantage of people? The answer to that would be no! They are doing it by working smart, helping others, creating a dream, and taking daily action that moves them closer to living that dream.

There are many network marketing opportunities. I’ve participated in some, looked into others, have heard of many more. I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect fit for me. This is what I was looking for in a company:

  • Quality products
  • Competitive prices
  • High growth potential, domestic and international
  • Integrity
  • Generous compensation plan
  • Mentors
  • A company I would be proud to represent

I have found it!

Are you looking for a company with any (or all) of those points? I would love for you to visit my company page, take a look around, and leave me your contact info so we can chat further.

I hope this post was helpful.

To your success and happiness!


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3 Day Shakeology Cleanse
Products: Chocolate or Greenberry Shakeology

Recently, many people have been seeing excellent results with the Shakeology Cleanse. Shakeology is a complete meal replacement shake that was designed to be used once a day. For the cleanse however, it will be taken 3 times a day for 3 days.

The ingredients used in Shakeology do not come from some science lab. They use only whole food sources for Shakeology. Meaning the ingredients are the finest available. The amount of nutrients these whole foods provide in one Shakeology are equal to 7 trips to the salad bar…although we’re talking a salad bar with fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, and legumes, not bacon bits or croutons!

The goal with Shakeology cleansing is to flush all of the junk from your system and regulate hydration levels. While this cleanse definitely restricts you when it comes to calories, you shouldn’t experience any negative side effects as you’ll be getting all the right nutrients in those calories. A person eating an average American diet would have to eat twice as many calories to consume the nutrients you’ll receive while on the Shakeology detox program. It’s the perfect program for anyone who wants a 3 day jump start to looking and feeling better.

The basics are as follows:

3 SHAKEOLOGY Shakes a day, 2 Cups of Green Tea a Day. 1 or 2 pieces of fruit a day
1 salad for dinner including only white grilled protein in salad (chicken, fish) and only use oil and vinegar as dressing

Drink plenty of water. Coffee, tea, and herbal teas are okay, as long as no sugar or cream is added.

For maximum results – NO DAIRY or EXTRA SUGARS and no almond, soy, or rice milk

You can put your 2 snacks before/after any of the MAJOR MEALS – Breakfast Lunch & Dinner
The fruit is optional, and is discouraged unless you need the extra calories

REPEAT this menu for all 3 Days:

1 cup of green tea
BREAKFAST: Shakeology 140 calories (1 scoop) with lots of ice and 8-10 oz of water
Optional ½ cup of fruit (60-90 calories)

SNACK (85 calories) 1 piece of fruit- Apple, pear, orange, banana mango, etc

LUNCH: Shakeology (140 calories) – see Breakfast recipe 1 cup of green tea or a Detox Tea

SNACK: (either snack here or after dinner one or the other; NOT BOTH) – Shakeology per Breakfast recipe

DINNER: Salad with 4 ounces of protein (grilled white fish or poultry), 2 tablespoons of olive oil and vinegar dressing, and 1 tablespoon of flax seed, chia seeds, or hemp seed (roughly 340 calories)

SNACK: (either snack here or after lunch one or the other: NOT BOTH) see Breakfast recipe

NOTE: you can eat your salad for lunch instead of dinner if you prefer

DRINK LOTS OF WATER – AT LEAST 10 cups! Coffee, tea, and herbal teas are okay, as long as no sugar or cream is added.

The calories for each day run between 800 – 1100 depending on what you put on your salad.

* My personal observation – I continued to work out at my usual levels so I was hungrier than most people seem to be during the cleanse. I added a couple extra ounces of protein at dinner and still lost 7 lbs. so don’t be afraid to do the same if you are really and truly hungry.

{July 11, 2011}   I love oatmeal!

I think oatmeal may be one of the most perfect breakfast foods available. It’s easy to cook, can take on ANY flavor you want with the addition of other ingredients, filling, heart healthy, AND it’s a low calorie high fiber food. Today I mixed my oatmeal with 1 tbl. natural peanutbutter and 1 tbl raisins…YUM!!! Sometimes I add a scoop of protein powder and 1/2 banana or berries. When I want something even more filling, I make a protein pancake with egg whites, oatmeal, and fat free ricotta or cottage cheese topped with fresh berries (microwaved to liquify into a syrup).

The best, IMO, microwavable oatmeal on the market is Coach’s Oats which I get at Costco and has the texture of steel cut oats but doesn’t require stove top cooking. The best oatmeal!

The standard serving is 1/3 cup dry and has 160 calories but I use 1/4 cup dry for only 110 calories.

{July 8, 2011}   Day 2 post vacation

Ahhh day 2 post vacation and I already feel more in control. Had a really good eating day yesterday and the scale rewarded me with a 3 lb loss! I’m always happy to know that the first couple are from retained water because those are the easiest to lose. It’s the pounds that I’ve been wrestling with pre-vacation that I still need to lose.

This morning we woke up early to get to the gym by 6am. Had a chocolate Shakeology shake to get some protein into my body pre-workout and then “ran” for 45 minutes on the elliptical and did about 20 minutes of light weight work, core work, and stretching. My HRM showed a 560 calorie burn for my effort. Made a post workout/breakfast meal of greek yogurt, blueberries, coconut nectar, and vanilla flax granola…YUM!!!

Off to have some coffee and SHOWER! Have a great day!

If you or anyone you know wants help starting a fitness/nutrition plan contact me!

UGH why do I do this to myself??? We go away on vacation and it’s like I give myself free reigh to stuff my face with all the wine and food I possibly can. Good thing we got a workout in every day so the scale only reflected a couple of lbs. gained instead of the 10 I feared I’d see! Luckily I’ve discovered a weight loss solution that works for me so I know the gain will only be temporary. In fact, I know by this time next week most, if not all, of the weight gain will be gone and that the effort required for me to get there will be minimal.

In fact, eliminating wine and rich foods alone will reset my body to the point where it starts burning foods fairly decently. Sticking to a diet of grilled proteins, oatmeal, raw almonds, veggies, fruits, and Shakeology will enable the scale to start moving as soon as tomorrow. 60 minutes of cardio at the gym 6 days a week for the next couple of weeks will move things along even faster and drinking as much water as my body can possibly handle will complete my plan.

There’s no magic pill for losing weight. Eat right, exercise, get plenty of sleep, drink water…that’s the right formula for success!

Need help getting started with your own plan? Message me and I’ll share my secrets with you.

{June 30, 2011}   Shakeology Does a Body Good

Shakeology Does a Body Good.

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